A Drunk 18 year old boy asked a married woman out , the woman got
pissed and went to tell her husband the scenario. The husband
Foolishly told the woman to invite the boy over so that he can beat
the hell out of him, that He, the husband will hide under the bed when
the boy will arrive The woman did as her husband requested . . . when
the boy got there he kissed the woman and took of his T-shirt time to
rock with her, and his body was full of scars so the woman asked "why
so many scars " the boy replied " I live to lay with married women and
usually I get caught so I always kill the husbands, if someone shows
up now he will be number 20 on my murder list " The boy continued on
kissing the woman and the woman tried to reachout to her husband under
the bed and a small voice came up ""if you tell him am here, you will
see. Lol...


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