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Effecting a great and desired change 

The only constant thing in life is change. We are called humans because we are the most intelligent creations of God Almighty. We can only prove our intelligence and be proud of being a human if we can effect the required change in our environment. 
It is 100% proven that you and I alone can effect a change in our environments. If you are to consider a plant which may have plans to effect change its surroundings to make it a better place, you can say it is impossible because they are restricted only to its root position since it cant move from one place to another. We can then conclude that no one can do it for us. 

The first thing you need to do in order to effect a change is to be determined. I would always say “the first step to change is determination”. Change starts with a ready mind, determined mind which is wiling to use what he has to start effecting the desired change in order to make the world a better place.
One of my favourite quote is “A thought of greatness is the only …


Have you ever desired for something earnestly that all your thoughts are focused on such thing?

Have you wished you have something good? Is time running out? Have you realised those desires/wishes? Do you think you can ever realise those things you had desired?
Those questions kept ringing in my head. I needed answers to them. More and more questions kept coming. WISHES AND DESIRES.
After a moment of thinking, I started getting good answers to all these questions.
I discovered that not all desires and wishes can come to realization. Yes, that’s right. My reason is that some things we are wishing for or we desire are not for the good of others, themselves and contradicts the will of God (their creator). This things we can relate ourselves.

But that alone did not satisfy me. It has not answered it all. I had to pause for a while, slept over it, did a little research over it (want and desire) and the finally prayed. When I had finished praying I discovered that what I thought initially …