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As much as most teachers in high school would hope that an app could be created which would keep students from cheating on tests so they wouldn’t have to keenly invigilate them, we regret to inform you that this app isn’t for them. Yet there certainly is an app that can very much help when it comes to a very different type of cheating. With TheOneSpy, people can say goodbye to the much detested private investigators that are a pain to hire and even a bigger pain to get information out of. With TheOneSpy app at work, you don’t need to worry about being lured into a false sense of security and hope. If your partner is cheating on you, you can find out for sure without having a sword in the form of being discovered hanging over your head all the time. All you have to do is go online and make a purchase of our fabulous spy app off of our website, install it onto your partner’s smartphone and voila! You’re all good to go.

With your computer working as the portal where all the data being recorded onto the servers via the target device i.e. your partner’s smartphone, you can access all that you need off of your partner’s smartphone in order to know whether or not is your partner cheating on you. Additionally, if your partner unfortunately is cheating on you, you can very simply just used the data you have accumulated using the spy app as evidence to finally weed the truth out of the lying waste of breathe and space and finally move on from a life of misery because no one deserves to live with someone who cannot return your love and ardor.

What TheOneSpy Can Do For You!
When you put TheOneSpy at work to find out whether or not your partner is cheating on you, here is the sort of information it can provide to you so you can easily put two and two together and be out of those fiery trenches as soon as humanly possible.

⦁    Bugging
Perhaps one of the best features TheOneSpy has to offer its clients is bugging. With our microphone and Camera bugs at work, you do not need to wonder what your partner is doing at any given time and who is he or she talking to or meeting. All you have to do is turn the camera and microphone bug on remotely whenever you feel like it and you are good to go.

⦁    Tap Calls
Another feature unique to TheOneSpy is the access it grants its user to listen in to live calls in real-time that are taking place between the user of the target device and whoever it is on the other side. This way, when you intercept your partner’s call you can know for sure whether or not is your partner really dabbling in the ways of a cheater or is it just a feeling that you have.

⦁    Read Text Messages
Text messaging may be quite handy but at times it is the boon of a married life. It is an essential through which people can deep lengthy conversations private since the soundless words provide a discreet cover to whatever is being discussed. TheOneSpy can provide you with an inlet into what is your other half texting and to whom he or she is texting so you can know for sure whether you are being cheated upon or not. The same goes for their social media platforms like Whatsapp, Line and Facebook.

⦁    Scan Call Logs
Even though TheOneSpy grants you the opportunity to listen in on live calls, if you happen to miss one of them, you can always look through the call logs provided to you by TheOneSpy on regular basis in order to ensure that you partner is not calling anybody he or she is not supposed to.

⦁    GPS Locator
Along with bugs, you can discover the exact location of your other half using the GPS locator, no matter what they have told you they were going to be. This is a great tool to catch cheating partners in action without having to physically be there to see what is going on.

Author Bio:
The writer Nicki along with his brother Tom is a serious entrepreneur in the virtual world and has published many strategies in the form of write ups and books for online businesses to flourish. Her work on spy app for android phone has received great appreciation at TheOneSpy blog from readers. She keeps updated with the latest news. To know more about her, follow on Twitter @nickimarie222.


  1. Nowadays you can use modern technology to catch cheating in relationships. Any amateur cheat knows how to delete text messages and incriminating photos, but there are ways that you can get caught with your e-pants down that you didn't even know about

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  3. The mSpy app allows you to track all received and made calls on each mobile phone which belongs to your company, including duration and timestamp, look at this link right now.


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